Sunday, 5 June 2016

Thanks to everybody who bought Living Cruelty Free I've donated money to Cruelty Free International

You’re a star!

Thank you so much for your gift to help save lost, stray and abandoned dogs from laboratories around the world.
You might recall that, horrifyingly, in some parts of the USA and Canada, shelter dogs can be bought by laboratories. Thanks to your vital support, we can tell decision-makers about an important opinion poll, carried out for us by leading pollsters YouGov, that shows the public is on our side. The poll found that 73% of Canadian adults and 68% of Americans agree that dogs who are found or given to animal shelters should not be sold to laboratories for experiments. It’s heartening to know that, just like you, there are so many compassionate people around the world.
Thanks to your generosity, and that of others like you, we’ve also been able to reach out to a host of US and Canadian celebrities – including actor Eric McCormack, who stars as Will from the hit TV show Will and Grace – who’ve raised their voices for stray dogs in laboratories and helped gain media coverage and awareness for our cause. You can find out more

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

4 Reasons why it’s manly NOT to eat meat

The sad fact is that more women that men are vegetarian or vegan. The one reason for this apparently (or so I’ve been told) is that it’s not seen as manly to be vegetarian.

Men don't need to act like cavemen any more

1- Showing compassion towards animals is a sign of strength and not weakness. Well, if a man were to dominate a woman would he be considered as manly? Maybe in days gone past when women had little rights he might have been but not these days.

2- There’s nothing manly about eating meat when we are continually being told that meat is bad for your. It increases your risk of getting cancer and heart disease and a whole range of illnesses. Vegetarians are also less likely to be obese and being obese means you are at a higher risk of ending up with diabetes.
Vegetarian Joaquin Phoenix - is he man enough for you?

3- Associating meat with masculinity goes back to the days when humans had to hunt in order to survive. These days nobody needs to hunt in order to survive. You just need to grow your own food or go to the supermarket.

4- Meat consumption has been linked to virility, yet a low sperm count has been linked with eating too much meat. A study in 2007 found a link between American men being unable to father children and their mother’s eating too much beef whilst pregnant.

This was blamed on the growth hormones in the beef that were fed to cows when they were alive. Other types of meat such as chicken also have traces of growth hormones.

Click here for a link to yet another survey.